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Scream Freely

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» Political Correctness (help needed!!!)
Hello, everybody!
I am a russian student, studying English at the uni, I am graduating this year, so I need to complete my final thesis. It is about "politically correct" language, and part of it is a small questionnaire about the use of "politically correct" words (I need to find out which of them are really in use, and some other things). I saw "PC" among the interests of this community, that's why I am addressing here. So, if anybody could fill out my questionnaire, I would be VERY grateful to this person! It won't take long, I think no more than 10 minutes and would help me a lot!

Here is the link for it. http://www.yoshkar.com/survey/questPC.doc

Please, send the replies to kosharik84@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance!

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what's crackin' in your section?
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Footloose and fascinating...
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» moodboom's
» (No Subject)
Hey all! Alright, my husband and I are starting a newsletter, Scream Freely, that'll be distributed around Minneapolis. The newsletter is for anyone to write about anything -- politics, religion, any personal perspective. For example we have a 19 year old soldier in Kuwait who is submitting parts of his personal journal. This is also for any articles that have impacted your personal perspective.

If anyone is interested, reply here, you can post it up, or you can e-mail us at screamfreely@gmail.com

Scream Freely

**side note: you don't have to live in the area, this is a place to connect and share and open up conversation... also, you may use a pen name or no name, we aren't here for gossip or war**

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Peace and Enjoyment
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